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Dr. Justin Edwards, DVM
Eagle Fern Veterinarian Hospital
Estacada, OR
1 "We see about two to three cases a year where a horse has been severly injured due to pulling back on a rope that was tied solid, causing the snap on the lead rope to break. This causes trauma to the withers, poll and hamstrings.

I believe that the Blocker Tie Ring will help prevent this sort of injury from happening because the horse never gets the chance to tighten up that snap like you would in a situation where he's tied hard and fast."


Darrell Schram
Professional farrier for over 30 years
1 "For 30 years I have tried instant snaps, quick release snaps, quick release knots, and bungee cords on the hook of my trailer and I've never had anything work as well as the Blocker Tie Ring. The Blocker Tie Ring will allow the horse to come free if necessary in an emergency, therefore cutting back on my liabilities, reducing hazard to the horse, to the tack and to myself.

I highly recommend the Blocker Tie Ring. From here on out, it will be part of my regular tools on my job."


Dr. Walter L. Kreeger
Farrier Instructor
Northwest Technical Institute
Last week was our first day of Farrier class for the new year. I hooked up the Blocker Tie Rings to the eye bolts in our shoeing area to assist horses who begin to fight and pull back hard. When they meet resistance they keep pulling and in some cases even go down. We've noticed that with the Blocker Tie Ring, the horse can pull back, and when it doesn’t meet resistance, it stops pulling. When the horse calms down we simply bring the slack back through the ring, and we’re good to go. The horse doesn’t seem to be fearful any longer.

You’ve got a good product in the Blocker Tie Ring—I’d recommend it for anyone tying up horses.

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