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Over 4,000 quality products for horses and horse people since 1976
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About Equi-N-icE

Equi-N-icE Products are designed around a unique cooling system based on rapid evaporation to create a cooling balm effect.

All Equi-N-icE products are designed to maximise effectiveness and ease of use.

Our products have undergone thorough testing and are used and endorsed by the best in the business. Whether you are into racing, eventing, hunting, whether your are an owner, a trainer, a breeder or a vet you’ll find that Equi-N-icE products will help you achieve your goals.

1 1. Lowers temperature 27ºF (15ºC)
2. Stays cold up to 3 hours
3. Ready-to-use–no mixing or special preparation
4. No need to refrigerate or freeze
5. Non-toxic, non-irritating, safe to handle
6. Re-usable, easy to use bandage
7. No lasting odor

Apply bandage for a minimum of 20 minutes for therapeutic benefits. Return bandage to air-tight re-sealable pouch after every use. When Equi-N-icE bandage dries out, rinse or machine wash, line dry and place in storage pouch. Add 3oz. of coolant (sold separately) to pouch and shake for 30 seconds to allow bandage to absorb coolant. Bandage is now ready to use again!

1 1. Horses with tendon or ligament injuries to aid in the treatment of the injury
2. Hard-working horses to help prevent injuries.


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