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Irideon® Fabric Technology

Founded on the premise that riding wear should be fashionable as well as functional, Irideon® Riding Wear is based on the rider’s perspective, providing three basic principles: comfort, performance and a great look. Using technically advanced and durable fabrics, Irideon® aims to develop riding wear that performs as well as it looks. Selection of fabrics is based on breathability, support, insulating qualities, if needed, and durability. All garments are easy-care machine washable.
courdelay™ polartec® wind pro® fleece
dri-silk™ polartec® thermal pro®
issential™ microfibre polartec® 100 series microfleece
iluna™ viento™
bellissima™ cadence® stretch-cord
radiance™ dupont® supplex® nylon
ok fancy-pants, it’s show time!

Courdelay™ is a high performance fabric designed to keep you cool and dry under pressure. Combined with coolmax®, courdelay™ takes moisture from your skin and actively pushes it to the exterior of the fabric. With a stretch-woven exterior and a soft looped-back interior, courdelay™ offers a supportive, 4-way stretch for unparalleled comfort. This fabric is fancy, but you’ll never make a trip to the dry cleaners. Yep, they’re machine washable!

smooth as silk—only better!

Dri-silk™ is a super-soft and stretchy moisture-wicking fabric. Lightweight, yet extremely durable, dri-silk™ helps you stay cool and comfortable, and feels silky smooth against your skin.

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issential™ microfibre
so good, it’s essential

What would riders do without issential™? Highly breathable and active-wicking, issential™ keeps you dry and comfortable whether worn as a base layer or alone. And, with its abrasion resistance, supportive 4-way stretch, and easy care, issential™ microfibre is truly essential for every rider.

diamonds are a riders best friend

A lightweight, luxurious yet durable fabric, iluna™ offers 4-way stretch for maximum freedom of movement. With diamond-raised exterior and looped back interior, iluna™ wicks away perspiration to keep you cool and dry. So go ahead, wear your diamonds in the rough!

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beautiful inside and out

Bellissima™ is a breathable performance fabric with outstanding moisture-wicking properties. Made with coolmax®, bellissima™ keeps you cool and dry when the pressure is on. With a stretch-woven exterior and a soft, looped-back interior, bellissima™ offers supportive 4-way stretch for unparalleled comfort. A state-of-the-art fabric that is completely machine washable. Convenience, comfort, and elegance combined, that’s bellissima™!

the perfect base layer

Radiance™ is a performance fabric that’s perfect for layering under a show coat. It’s lightweight, highly breathable moisture management.

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fabric technology that works for you

Texcel™ is a lightweight, technically advanced thermal fabric designed to regulate body heat without overheating. Constructed like a beehive with air space pockets, texcel™ provides insulation without the added weight. As a rider you work hard, so it’s only fitting that your clothes do too.

polartec® wind pro® fleece
resists wind, rain, snow, and mud

Bring it on, Mother Nature! Wind pro® is the new “super fleece.” Not only insulating from the cold, but with a special DWR (durable-water-repellent) coating, wind pro® sheds rain, snow and mud while blocking the wind four times more than traditional fleece. Riders—have no fear, wind pro® is here!

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polartec® thermal pro®
an insulating beauty with brains to match

Visually dynamic and technically advanced, thermal pro® is an insulating fabric that retains body heat and provides outstanding warmth without weight. Thermal pro® offers excellent breathability and dries quickly, representing the state-of-the-art in fleece fabrics.

polartec® 100 series microfleece
lightweight warmth without bulk

Tired of bulky fleece? Our polartec® 100 series microfleece is exceptionally soft and lightweight, while still providing great insulation and warmth witout bulk. Outstanding moisture-wicking properties make it quick-drying and super comfortable—a perfect layer for your cold weather ride!

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protection from the elements is a breeze

Viento™ is a lightweight, wind-blocking, water-resistant fabric that repels hair and dirt. With a two-way stretch exterior and a soft, looped-back brushed interior, viento™ stretches with every move. Great for keeping you impeccably clean in the barn or before entering the show ring. Who says you can’t work hard and look fabulous?

cadence® stretch-cord
the perfect combination of stretch and compression

Muscles like compression. With cadence® stretch-cord’s special 4-way stretch, your muscles are compressed, yet unrestricted. Just like a good hug, compression keeps muscles supported, reducing muscle vibratioon, which enhances performance and helps prevent fatigue.

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dupont® supplex® nylon
strong, yet so soft

Oooh, yummy…with its delicious texture offering superior insulation and comfort, supplex® nylon feels like cotton but wicks 28% faster to keep you comfortable when you’re active. Buttery soft, its cozy feel comes from its high number of fine fibers, which also make supplex® nylon suprisingly durable.


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