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3-Piece Tail Wrap Instructions

For best use, use on a clean tail.
1. Comb through tail removing knots.
2. With tail wrap behind tail, tie wrap with simple bow knot around tail bone about 1-2 inches above the end of the bone.
3. Divide tail hair below knot in thirds. Hold onto center portion with one hand.
4. With free hand, insert arm through center tube of the tail wrap from the bottom. Pull center portion of hair through tube.
5. Repeat with right and left portions of hair, pulling through right and left tubes.
6. Braid three tubes down and secure end of braid with a tight bow knot.
7. Undo original bow knot at top of braid and re- tie with a tight slip-knot below the bone.
Do not secure the tail bag around the tail bone, except for when first applying the tail wrap. Securing a wrap directly to the tail bone for a length of time can cause serious damage to the tail bone


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