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Likit Holder and Tongue Twister Videos

1. Likit Holder
The simplest toy to introduce to your horse, this high quality, durable, plastic toy includes a strong, attractive rope and one Likit.
2. Tongue Twister
The Tongue Twister attaches securely to the stable wall. With two Little Likits, the ball spins when licked, providing endless hours of entertainment.
Helpful Hints
1. Hang freely, away from walls, in a stall or shelter.
2. Change out flavors to keep horses interested. Likit offers Apple, Mint, Carrot, Honey & Chamomile, Garlic, Natural, Banana, Cherry, Salt, Sport, and Raspberry & vanilla flavors.
Helpful Hints
1. Insert a different flavor of Little Likits on each side of the ball for maximum enjoyment.
2. Limit consumption by inserting a Little Likit on only one side, making the toy instantly more challenging.
3. Encourage a nervous horse to play by applying molasses to the ball surface.


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