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Bit Resistance

1. Identify Resistance
2. Gain Control with Softer Bits


Identify Resistance
Does your horse resist his current bit? If so, your horse is not relaxed in the bridle. Therefore, your communication is ineffective. Take a moment to learn the signs of resistance.
1. Behind the bit
2. Inversion/above the bit
3. Not stopping/running
through the bit
4. Overactive mouth


Gain Control
When managing resistance issues with your horse, consider a softer approach. Offering your horse a bit with less points of pressure can allow your horse to better recieve your commands.
Issue Suggestion
Behind the Bit Try a bit with less tongue pressure and possibly Independent Side Movement.™
Inversion Try a bit with tongue pressure and tongue relief.
Not Stopping Consider a shank or combination bit with leverage pressure and mouthpieces offering some tongue, bar and palate pressure.
Overactive Mouth Look for a bit which offers less points of pressure, especially tongue pressure.


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