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Ote Berry Steer Wrestling

“You don’t have to talk to Ron more than 5 minutes, and you know he knows what he’s talking about. He’s not somebody that dreamed something up in a shop. He’s been on the back of a horse, and has developed a system that works. What has impressed me the most is with the Myler system, you can actually go lighter and lighter with your bits. Most of the time, when a horse needs a change, we tend to go the other way.”


Although his birth certificate says Scott Berry, everyone in rodeo knows him as Ote, thanks to his sister who gave him his nickname as a toddler. She thought that her brother walked like a television comic character named Otis, which was shortened to Ote. Berry, born Sept. 9, 1962, in Rapid City, S.D., has been involved in rodeo almost as long as he has had the name Ote. He started his career trying to ride bareback horses, but after a couple of injuries at the age of 13, he decided steer wrestling was more his event. His first in a long string of championships came in 1980 when he won the National High School Rodeo Association’s steer wrestling title. In 1982, Berry joined the PRCA hoping to make enough money to stay out of the hay fields. Most would agree he got his wish. Berry won his first world title at his first National Finals Rodeo in 1985. He returned to win three more bulldogging crowns in 1990-91 and 1995. When he won his last title in 1995, he became only the third cowboy in professional rodeo history to claim four or more world steer wrestling titles. Referred to as a “quiet champion,” Berry lives by the creed: “If you win, then walk over and pick up your money. If you lose, then walk over and congratulate the man who won.”
World Championships: 4 (1985, 1990-91, 1995)

Karen Brain Dressage

“If it wasn't for my difficult mare, I would never have ventured off to try Myler Bits. I knew with my mare, from the types of reactions she has, that there was some sort of "mechanical" issue with her. Finding a bit that she respects and responds to correctly, was difficult. Needless to say I have been thrilled with my discovery of the Myler bits! I can honestly say that after having found the Myler bits, I have been able to put much more training on my mare in much less time. Our rides are far more productive and the quality of work has become much more superior.”


Karen Brain was an accomplished rider, coach, and trainer in the Equestrian Sport of Three-Day Eventing, representing Canada at many competitions, until an unfortunate riding accident on September 18th, 2001 left her partially paralyzed with a spinal cord injury. She spent three months in the Hospital in London, Ontario and almost four more years doing Rehab at Parkwood Hospital as an outpatient. Karen’s strengths as an Athlete, as in all athletes, were her strengths in recovery – positive attitude, self-determination, dedication, and perseverance.

Karen started riding again, with many difficulties, about eight months after her accident. As she could not put her feet in the stirrups, she rode without them. She used two whips as her signals to the horse, in lieu of her legs. When she couldn’t do something the “usual” way, she found some other way to do it. She rode until she ached, and then she rode some more. She practiced her walking in the ring while she cooled her horse off, because she knew if she fell in the sand or hogfuel ring, it wouldn’t hurt as much. She found out later, that the movement of the horse, forced the same movement in her own body as walking would do. So riding was therapeutic to her body, as well as to her soul.

Despite her life-altering accident in 2001, Karen has attained the highest level of competition in both able-bodied and disabled riding competitions. Karen won two Bronze Medals at the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games with the mare Dasskara, and won two Silver Medals in 2005 at the Dutch Open International Dressage competition for disabled riders in Helvoirt, Netherlands with the Dutch gelding Mozart. Before her accident Karen represented Canada in 3-Day Eventing at the World Equestrian Games in Rome in 1998, with her horse Double Take, and the same year, the pair won the Advanced Canadian Championships in 3-Day Eventing.

Karen has now set her goal to represent Canada at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, and feels that she is capable of winning gold! In 2006, Karen plans to compete in England and Belgium in International competitions for disabled riders, to qualify for the 2007 World Championships in Great Britain for Riders with a Disability.

In late 2005, Karen moved home to BC, after living and training in Germany, the US and Eastern Canada for nine years, the past six years in London, Ontario. Karen has been fortunate to be able to train with world-renowned Coach, Conrad Schumacher, in Germany, who has helped her immensely, and with whom she plans to continue to train with. She feels honoured to have the privilege of training with him.

Karen would like to thank all the individuals and businesses who have generously helped her in the past and feels that her last two years have been especially successful due to all the support she has received.

Nina Fout Eventing

“The ability to choose a bit for a very specific problem is ideal. Myler has bits for every problem - turning, balancing, etc. Each bit works as a training tool to optimize performance; the system is thorough and effective.”


A lifelong horsewoman, Nina Fout has been eventing since 1972, culminating in her winning a team Bronze Medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. She competed in the United Kingdom in 1997, finishing 14th riding Country Path in the Punchestown CCI. Also with bay thoroughbred gelding 3 Magic Beans, Nina completed the Advanced Horse Trials at Thirleston Castle (SCO) and finished 26th in the CCI at Blenheim (GRB) where 3 Magic Beans won the Ryan's Cross Award as the Best Young Horse.

In 1998, she placed 11th in the Advanced Horse Trials at Groton House in Massachusetts, 10th at the Millbrook in New York, on the way to a ninth in the CCI at Fair Hill in Maryland. In 1999 and 2000, Fout and 3 Magic Beans turned in successful four-star performances at Badminton (18th), Burghley (13th, top US finish) and Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event (12th). Fout rode 3 Magic Beans to an eighth place finish at the 2002 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event Presented by Bayer CCI.

Fout makes her home in Middleburg, Va.

Beverly Gray Endurance

“With Myler Bits, I can achieve control and response without a fight.”


Even as a little girl, Beverly Gray had a fascination for horses. She grew up admiring her older sister who had a horse. Beverly was her "groom" and would brush, walk, and wash anything just to be near her sisters' horse. When Beverly moved to Utah to attend college and purchased a beautiful Arabian filly named Uinta. Uinta was eventually Beverly's champion mount for Ride and Tie races. The team was unbeatable for ten years of competition and won the Levi National Championship women's division in 1984. In order to keep her Ride and Tie horse in shape, Beverly would enter a few Endurance rides a year. Then a few more and finally only endurance riding. Her endurance race career spans 2 decades. Her list of accomplishments is extensive including her selection with Regalidon (aka Paladin) to the United States Equestrian Endurance Team. Bev and Pal were the 1st USA rider at the 2002 World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain. They also competed in the United Arab Emirates and had an impressive finish at the 2004 Dubai Gold Cup (14th of 110 riders with only 16 completing). They also won Team Silver at the 2003 Pan American Championship. One of her other famous horses is an Anglo Arabian named AA Omner. He raced 9,000 of Bevs 14,600 career miles. At age ten Omner was diagnosed with a football size carcinogenic tumor and three veterinarians said he would die. Beverly would not accept this fate and nursed Omner back to health on natural healing methods including grass hay, vitamin supplements, acupuncture and massage. He recovered and continued to break records. Omner won AERC Endurance Hall of Fame (1996), Top Ten Endurance Horse of the Millennium (2000), and Breyer, maker of model horses created statues in Omner's likeness (2001).

Anne Kursinski Show Jumping


Four-time Olympian, two-time Olympic team silver medalists, author, clinician, and international competitor, Anne Kursinski, is one of the United States most accomplished and respected show jumping athletes. A California native, Anne currently resides at Market Street Farm in Frenchtown, New Jersey. The internationally known rider is the protégé of two sports legends, Jimmy Williams and George Morris. Kursinski was the Alternate for the Gold Medal Team at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games; she rode on the Silver Medal Team at the 1988 Seoul Olympics; she was on the U.S. team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics; and she rode on the Silver Medal Team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Kursinski also earned Individual Gold and helped the U.S. win Team Gold at the 1983 Pan American Games in Caracas, Venezuela. Since 1978, Kursinski has ridden in 41 Nations' Cups, helping the U.S. win 16 times. She competed in two of the eight Super League competitions in 2005 when the U.S. won the Samsung Super League title. In 1991, the United States Olympic Committee named Kursinski as the female Equestrian Athlete of the Year.

Gary Lane Gaited Horses


Gary Lane’s passion is training the gaited horse, and teaching people to train their own horses. Gary has shown walking horses extensively over the years, winning several championships.  He is also the recipient of the Phoenix Award given by the National Walking Horse Association in recognition of sound training practices, and rehabilitation of abused walking horses. Gary is certified as a Natural Horsemanship Clinician, and adapts that training, as well as dressage exercises, to enhance the gaits of the walking horse. He believes that something can be learned from all horse disciplines. Gary currently works as a detective with the Kentucky State Police, and has served in the National Guard for 20 years, teaching leadership skills at the Kentucky Officers Candidate Academy, as well as serving in
Desert Storm.

Matthew Sronce Cowboy Mounted Shooting

“I have found Myler has a nice progression from start to finish on not only my mounted shooting horses but on my ranch horses as well…I have been a long time believer in Myler bits as my family and I have used them for more than fifteen years. I have been very pleased with the products because they are very durable and there has always been a bit that worked well for my performance horses, ranch horses and mounted shooting horses.”


Matthew Sronce resides in the small town of Westhoff, Texas. Matt, alongside his parents, manage a large cattle operation, which covers approximately 26,000 acres. Many of his shooting horses are put to work on this ranch, helping out in all the ranch chores of gathering, roping and sorting. Matt has spent a lifetime with horses, he has shown horses his whole life, focusing on ranch and reining horse competitions throughout the country. Matt Sronce is a three-time CMSA National Champion and he is also a CMSA World Record holder. He claims titles from all of the CMSA's Big 4 Championships.  Matt has also excelled in Rifle competition and recently won his third back-to-back World Rifle Championship. He is the current World and National Rifle Champion as well as the current World Champion Cowboy. Teamed up with his wife, Tammy Sronce, they where named 'Top Team' in both the Open, and the Cowboy/Cowgirl divisions at the 2006 and 2007 CMSA World Championships, and the 2007 CMSA National Championships. Matt and Tammy are the only husband and wife team to sweep overall championships at a major CMSA championship, and the only couple to have won individual world titles.

Susan Dahl Natural Horsemanship, Body Control & Reining

“I’ve always had a fascination for bits. I believe the Myler Bitting System’s philosophy is a paradigm shift in the way riders and trainers view and use bits. It is revolutionizing the way we communicate with horses. No more bit resistance.

I am a big promoter of them and use them in all the work & educating that I do.”


Susan is passionate about communicating to people & horses through her teaching of lessons, training, writing, & clinics. Bits are a big part of this.

She considers herself a ‘learnaholic’, a never ending thirst for knowledge. She is a certified professional horse trainer, & certified in coaching theory by the National Canadian Coaching Program.

Susan enjoys her passion for writing with a featured monthly column in a popular Ontario equine publication

 She is a lifetime member of AQHA & APHA. She has been a reining trainer & competitor for over 19 years where she has trained & won numerous Top 10 awards with the Ontario Reining Horse Association, National Reining Horse Association & Reining Canada.

After earning her Bachelors degree in computer science & math, Susan completed her first career as a professional computer technical expert. She is now following her dream as the owner, operator of the Foundation Reining Training Centre in Durham, Ontario, Canada, where she specializes in natural horsemanship & body control foundation, reining training & Western Dressage for horse & rider.

She believes the Myler bits really make a difference for training horses. She also provides custom bit fittings to clients. Susan as a clinician heartily gives bit seminars to teach the bitting philosophy found with the Myler Bitting System.

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