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Ote Berry
Steer Wrestling
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You don’t have to talk to Ron more than 5 minutes, and you know he knows what he’s talking about. He’s not somebody that dreamed something up in a shop. He’s been on the back of a horse, and has developed a system that works. What has impressed me the most is with the Myler system, you can actually go lighter and lighter with your bits. Most of the time, when a horse needs a change, we tend to go the other way.

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Karen Brain
1 1
If it wasn't for my difficult mare, I would never have ventured off to try Myler Bits. I knew with my mare, from the types of reactions she has, that there was some sort of "mechanical" issue with her. Finding a bit that she respects and responds to correctly, was difficult. Needless to say I have been thrilled with my discovery of the Myler bits! I can honestly say that after having found the Myler bits, I have been able to put much more training on my mare in much less time. Our rides are far more productive and the quality of work has become much more superior.

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Nina Fout
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The ability to choose a bit for a very specific problem is ideal. Myler has bits for every problem - turning, balancing, etc. Each bit works as a training tool to optimize performance; the system is thorough and effective.

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Beverly Gray
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With Myler Bits, I can achieve control and response without a fight.

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Karen Leoncelli
Melbourne, Australia
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I recently visited the USA and purchased a Myler MB40, Cheek D with Hooks.  I have spent well over $15,000 Australian dollars ($12,875 USD) with trainers trying to get my young mare sorted out. After reading A Whole Bit Better and using my new bit, I have the mare in control in only 3 rides. She has become an amazing animal!  This bit opened up the communication between me and my horse and has turned my whole way of thinking about bits 180 degrees. I would appreciate you letting the Myler people know just how happy and excited I am that this one bit has changed both my life, and that of my mare. My friends are amazed and a few trying to obtain Myler bits themselves. Thank you so much!
Matthew Sronce
Cowboy Mounted Shooting
1 1
I have found Myler has a nice progression from start to finish on not only my mounted shooting horses but on my ranch horses as well…I have been a long time believer in Myler bits as my family and I have used them for more than fifteen years. I have been very pleased with the products because they are very durable and there has always been a bit that worked well for my performance horses, ranch horses and mounted shooting horses.

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Amy Tryon
1 1
I started using Myler bits with Poggio at the advice of Captain Mark Phillips, due to control issues I was having with him.

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Bridgett Wynn
Molalla, Oregon
1 1
I have put Myler Bits on my horses in training and they have responded. We've seen our horses respond with better breaks at the pole, no more head shaking, and better attentiveness. I can't say enough good things about Ron Myler and his great bits. What a nice man with a ton of horse smarts. Thank you all for opening my eyes and giving me the chance to see horses like Ron. Well, try to. He is great.


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