About Toklat Originals


Toklat consults with leading horse experts and product designers whose expertise goes into the products that we make. Many products have been tested and endorsed by top horsemen and women in both the English and Western communities. On staff, we have a number of talented individuals who are not only experts in their respective equine disciplines, but also have a passion for everything horse-related. Before a product hits the store, it has been tried and tested to ensure that it performs to the rigorous Toklat standard and provides you with the quality you deserve, time after time.

The Legend of Toklat

Many people have asked us over the years about the origins of our name and one by one we have told the story. We figure that there must be a lot of you who have always wondered, but never asked. So let us give you the Toklat "bear" facts. Toklat is actually a location in the Denali National Park of Alaska and the name of the river that runs through it. Pronounced toe•klat, the name comes from the Tanana Indian language meaning "cloudy white" water; a result of the ice and snow melt. A group of Alaskan grizzly bears were frequently found eating and drinking from the Toklat river and soon became known as the Toklat Bears. Legend has it that there was once a unique Toklat grizzly bear who was strong and gentle - the only one of his kind. He loved to visit the Toklat River in the spring to eat the fresh salmon and drink the icy cold water. This is the bear we like to call our own because he was original, different from the pack. Now you too, know the answer to the question; Toklat? What's a Toklat?