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Bitting Assistant

To give our best advice, we first need to know a few things about you and your horse. Please take a moment to answer the following questions. Because of the tremendous popularity of Myler Bits it may take 1 to 4 weeks to receive a response. For immediate assistance, we recommended that you contact your local Myler Bits dealer.

To accurately fit your horse, complete the form below for each horse you wish to bit.
(* indicates a required field)

1. Contact Information
US - we will contact you by phone unless otherwise requested. International - we will contact you by email.
*A. Country
B. Phone Number (US only) :( ) -
Best time to call between 8am - 1pm (Central Time)
Time zone
I would like to only be contacted by Email
*C. E-mail Address:
2. Horse Health
*A. Tell us about your horse or pony: Age Breed
*B. Last Dental Check
*C. Does your horse have any back or lameness issues?
1 No
3. Riding History/Experience
*A. Style
1 English
*B. Sport of choice with this horse?
Speed Events
1 1. Dressage training
2. Dressage Requirements
  Competition Legal Bit Only
Training/Schooling Only
C. Do you compete?
*D. When you ride, are your hands:
Relaxed Active Quick Slow
*E. Rider experience
4. Horse Behavior
*A. Please check any of the following behaviors the horse is exhibiting:
Opening Mouth/Gaping Not Stopping
Inverting / Elevating / Flipping Head Behind Bit / Carrying Head Low
Chewing/Chomping Bit Not Bending / Dropping Shoulder
Heavy/Pulling in your hands Tongue out of mouth
*B. Does the horse resist the bit pressure to the point where the rider loses control?
Never Occasionally Most of the time Always
Only in certain situations
C. Select the behavior(s) that best describe your horse.
Very calm in most situations Nervous/Excitable in all or most situations
Holds a grudge Bold/take charge/thinks ahead of the rider
Tests the rider Adapts to change in the environment
Forgiving Resists or overreacts to change in environment
Accepting Positive "ears forward" attitude
Sour, negative attitude Needs encouragement, follows rider's lead
Consistent/reliable in work Inconsistent/unreliable in work
5. Determine a Myler Level
*A. Indicate what level most applies to your horse.
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 2-3
Horse has just begun training or has had little training
Is learning basic gaits, transitions and obedience
Has begun to "break at the poll"
Basic Training is established
Relaxed at the poll; holds position when rein is released
Possesses more complex skills such as bending, collection, side passes and lead changes
Horse is considered "broke" or "finished;" is willing to obey commands
Relaxed at the poll
Possesses advanced skills; works well off seat, legs and hands
Consistent and reliable in work
Has Level 2 or 3 training and experience, but has behavioral or situational issues
Is a Level 2 horse with excellent disposition, requiring more tongue relief than Level 2 bits offer
Has Level 2 or 3 training and experience but is inconsistent or unreliable in work
6. Your Current Bit/Tack
*A. Are you using any of the following?
*B. What type of noseband/cavesson are you using?
*C. Current bit used on this horse: Myler Bit NOT Myler Bit
*D. Select the cheek piece that most accurately reflects your current bit.
Western 1 English
Dee Shank
Dee or Eggbutt Loose Ring
11 1
Full Cheek Pelham Kimberwick
1 1 1
*E. Select the mouthpiece that most accurately reflects your current bit.
3-Piece/French Link, Dogbone
If you have a Myler mouthpiece, what is the mouthpiece number:
7. Additional Comments or Concerns
*A. Please take a moment to describe your issues/needs in your own words. These may include negative horse behaviors or the history of your horse (former stud, ex-racehorse, or previous training).


  Bit Education
  1 Improve your knowledge.
Watch it or read it. A Whole Bit Better, the book, clarifies the essentials of proper bitting. A Whole Bit Better, the DVD, takes bitting a step further by including helpful demonstrations and graphics showing how various bits function inside the horse’s mouth.
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