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by Cavallo
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Reversible, lightweight, ventilated spine. The Cavallo Wedge pad provides a Tri-Density Solution for saddle fit and comfort. 100% Merino wool on one side, closed cell high-density foam on the other, with a layer of slow-release open-cell memory foam in between. This unique layering arrests concussion within the pad before it reaches the horse's back, providing cushion and support for the muscular system where reflex centers lie. The high integrity foam is thin to allow the horse to move freely and unrestricted. The Wedge pad absorbs concussion, reduces impact and lifts the weight off the spine and rib cage. All this with a gradual rise toward the back. Favored by Jumpers and those who wish to move forward with the horse. If you need more lift than this, saddle fit is a consideration. Length: 23", Width: 22" tapering to 15". EASY CARE: Hose off, line dry. Do not machine wash.