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Myler EZ Trainer

by Myler Bits
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$259.95 per item

The EZ-Trainer is the Myler's remarkable breaking and training aid. It is a humane introduction and correctional reminder to any Western horse's training. Excellent in asking for a stop, bend and collection. Features immediate engagement followed by an immediate release and specially-designed cup contours the jaw for even pressure effectively asking for a stop or collection. Stainless steel and copper wrapped noseband covered with leather fits snug around the nose applying pressure when needed to influence bending and turns. Comes with an adjustable noseband to fit a variety of horses and full leather headstall with adjustable throatlatch and cheekpieces. The Myler EZ-Trainer is perfect for schooling training and breaking the Western horse. It can be used on a Level 1 Level 2 or Level 2 - 3 horse. Works well on horses going in bosals, hackamores and bits. (BECAUSE THE EZ TRAINER WAS DESIGNED TO BE RIDDEN WITH LITTLE TO NO REIN PRESSURE THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME IT IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR ENGLISH RIDING)"