Bitting Assistant

To give our best advice, we first need to know a few things about you and your horse. Please take a moment to answer the following questions. Because of the tremendous popularity of Myler Bits it may take 1 to 4 weeks to receive a response. For immediate assistance, we recommended that you contact your local Myler Bits dealer.

To accurately fit your horse, complete the form below for each horse you wish to bit.

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1. Contact Information

  • US - we will contact you by phone unless otherwise requested.
  • International - we will contact you by email.

2. Horse Health

3. Riding History/Experience

4. Horse Behavior

5. Determine a Myler Level

  • Riding in a discipline that restricts bits to a single-jointed mouthpiece
  • Young or green, just beginning training, with a very challenging disposition and poor self-control
  • Young or green, just beginning training, with a steady disposition and good self-control
  • Older, but just beginning training
  • Training for a new discipline or retraining after a long lapse
  • New to you, with little to no known history
  • Riding in a Level 1 mouthpiece and showing resistance
  • Basic to intermediate training with a good disposition and self-control
  • Advanced training but a very challenging disposition and/or poor self-control—very bold/challenging or anxious/fearful/flighty
  • Riding in a Level 2 mouthpiece and showing resistance
  • Performance horse with advanced training, a solid disposition and superior self-control
  • Experienced trail horse with a solid/trustworthy disposition and superior self-control
  • Riding in a Level 2-3 curb bit and showing resistance

6. Your Current Bit/Tack

Western Dee photo
Western Shank photo
English Dee photo
English Eggbutt photo
English Loose Ring photo
English Full Cheek photo
English Pelham photo
English Kimberwick photo
Mouthpiece Jointed photo
Mouthpiece Mullen photo
Mouthpiece Curb photo
Mouthpiece 3-Piece photo

7. Additional Comments or Concerns

Myler book photo

Bit Education

Improve your knowledge.

Watch it or read it. The Level Best for Your Horse, the book, clarifies the essentials of proper bitting. A Whole Bit Better, the DVD, takes bitting a step further by including helpful demonstrations and graphics showing how various bits function inside the horse’s mouth.