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Hoof Care

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Hoof Lab Hoof Hardener

Hoof Lab hoof hardener strengthens the hoof wall and sole. Ideal for barefoot horses or horses suffering from chipped and brittle hooves, low heels, or separating hoof walls. 200 ml.

Hoof Lab Hoof Oil

Hoof Lab hoof oil nourishes the hoof horn and activates hoof growht. Includes application brush. 450 ml.

Hoof Lab Elastic Cream

Hoof Lab elastic cream significantly improves the elasticity and resilience of the hoof horn and walls. 200 ml.

Hoof Lab Hoof Grease

Hoof Lab hoof grease regenerates brittle and cracking horn. Absorbs quickly and seals moisture in the hoof. 750 ml.

Hoof Lab Natural Oil Balm

Hoof Lab natural oil balm absorbs deeply into the horn to improve hoof quality. Includes application brush. 500 ml.

FrogMedic Spray

Frogmedic spray is a petroleum-free treatment for thrush. 200 ml.

FrogAde Hoof Care with Brush

FrogAde is highly concentrated petroleum-free treatment for the frog and sole of the hoof. Includes application brush. 200ml.